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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 7, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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during the month of december and you can vote for the best dressed pooch. our viewers can make that choice. check us out on facebook for info on how to enter. have a great day. good day to you. i'm kelly wright. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour for you, an american military veteran detained in north korea finally released. coming up, a live report on 85-year-old merrill newman's grueling ordeal and his emotional trip back home. >> and the family of nelson mandela speaking out for the first time since the legendary leader's death. their emotional public statement coming up next. >> plus, we're marking 72 years since the attack on pearl harbor prp we'll have a live look at the memorial ceremonies and
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discuss how the lessons we learned that day still resonate as we fight the war on terror. but first, a fox news alert on the release of a u.s. military veteran from north korea. this is video of 85-year-old merrill newman arriving back home in san francisco just a short time ago. he was released yesterday after being detained in north korea for more than a month. shortly before boarding a flight to the u.s., newman spoke with reporters about what he was most looking forward to upon returning home that he wanted to see his wife. now, live with more details. >> his wife, lee, was there, together with his son jeff, they were there to greet him at san francisco airport. he made a brief statement to the press, did merrill newman. he described it as a great homecoming. he thanked the u.s. embassy in beijing and the swedes in
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pyongyang, who acted on behalf of the americans in dealing for the release of him with the north koreans. he looked strained and he said he was very tired but he appeared to be in good health. he was very quickly swept away by his family, probably returning to their palo alto home here in california. it's a 46-day ordeal for him. and it obviously -- a great relief that it's come to an end. just one week ago, we saw him appear on video apologizing to the north korean regime for what they said were off thele acts against north korea, both during the korean war when he was a veteran there and also on his most recent visit back in october when apparently he'd had crosswords with some north korean officials which led to his detention just as he was about to leave the country. his release coincides with a visit by the u.s. vice president joe biden. he'd actually been in south korea and apparently there had been direct contact between the
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obama administration and pyongyang. as a result of that, the obama administration got a call saturday morning saying, without explanation, he was being released, and he suddenly appeared in beijing and got on a flight to the united states. this is what joe biden had to say. >> i offered him a ride home. but he got a direct flight to san francisco, his home. i don't blame him, i'd be on that flight too. >> also saying hereleased, got word on another u.s. citizen they were asking to be released. you know, that very public apology is often the way that they actually pave the way for citizens being released. not so in the case of kenneth bay. we will see what happens. good news today in san francisco for the newman family. >> good news indeed.
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we're glad he's home. did he actually say he wanted a cheeseburger and to see my wife? >> i think his wife came before the cheeseburger. that will be the most welcoming you can possibly get. kelly. >> all right, warming the food and the heart. thank you. >> that is such a relief. >> it is. tributes are pouring in at the mandela family home in johannesburg. the iconic anti-apartheid leader. nelson mandela died at the age of 95. he had suffered a long respiratory illness. a spokesperson delivering his family's first statement since death arlier today. >> -- is no more with us physically but his spirit is still with us. we have lost a great man.
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whose greatness in our family was in the simplicity of his nature. a family leader. who made time for all. we will dearly miss him. >> that statement comes ahead of a national day of prayer and reflection on sunday. and numerous other ceremonies next week. mandela will be bushied in his rule hometown on december 15th. kelly. >> a fox extreme weather alert. bitter cold temperatures in the wake of a deadly winter storm still causing major problems across a broad section of the country. in texas, icy conditions shutting down major highways and interstates, leaving some drivers stranded. in ohio, the treacherous road conditions triggering dozens of accidents. forecasters expect the freezing rain to turn into snow throughout the day. what's worse, a second storm is
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on the way, moving in from the west, packing another winter wallop. >> they are really getting hit. well, thousands are gathering in hawaii for a memorial ceremony that mark, the 72nd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. about 70 world war ii veterans are joining thousands of other vets. japan's surprise attack on the base that morning in 1941 killing at least 2,400 americans and launching the u.s. into world war ii. it changed the world history without a doubt. we'll talk much more about that with captain chuck bass later in the show. errors in the obama care website, well, they're sparking new concerns. despite a series of fixes, the administration is now admitting some enrollment records could contain problems and that could mean many of those who believe they've actually signed up for health insurance will not be covered come january 1st.
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elizabeth prann is live in washington to explain all this. tough thing to explain. >> reporter: the administration admitting friday there are additional fears, not just with customers signing up for health insurance but with those who think they've already signed up. the latest glitch pertaining to electric files sent from health to insurance companies. about 1 in 10 of these forms are showing either a misspelling or a missing entry, some type of error. in turn, the companies cannot complete the transaction. the white house says it is still a work in progress for the contractors. >> that includes what cms is doing to reach out to everyone who has chosen a plan, to make sure they're communicating with their issuer and know they need to, if they enrolled for insurance to kick in on january 1st that they obviously need to meet whatever premium deadline is set by their issuer.
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>> republican lawmakers on the other hand again called to repeal or delay obama care in light of the administration's flip-flop on allowing folks to keep their old health coverage. has since passed legislation to delay the individual mandate, allowing customers to keep their hold health plans. one of many proposals which really haven't moved in the senate. >> by canceling your insurance, despite a promise to let you keep your plan, the obama administration is essentially saying it knows best for you and your family. not only that, they are making you pay more, usually much more. and in many cases, taking away the doctors you've been seeing for years. >> of course, looking ahead, some commissioners are allowing folks to keep their old health plans but others are not forging ahead with the obama care fix. kelly, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. we're awaiting president obama. he will be addressing a forum in
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washington on u.s. policy in the middle east over a controversial nuke deal with iran. when it happens, we'll bring it to you live. meanwhile, secretary hagel is saying he's received assurances from afghanistan. hagel making a surprise visit to kabul today. he's in the region after meeting with the leaders in the persian gulf to ease the concerns over that new nuclear deal with iran. now, conner powell joining us live in our middle east bureau. >> reporter: secretary hagel in the middle east today trying to assure the american allies. hagel announcing today that the u.s. is willing to sell advanced weapons like missile defense systems to u.s.-friendly nations in the persian gulf. the move is seen as a way to counter iran's military ambit n ambitions. hagel added that even though the west has agreed to
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temporarily -- agreement with iran, to limit iran's nuclear capabilities, tehran continues to pose a significant threat to the middle east. many alleys in the region believe the u.s. is withdrawing from the gulf but hagel pushed back on that idea, saying the u.s. will not shirk its responsibilities in the middle east. >> we know diplomacy cannot operate in a vacuum. our success will continue to hinge on america's military power. and the credibility of our assurances to our allies and partners in the middle east. >> following the speech, hagel left for afghanistan where he's meeting with senior afghan officials in an effort to push president hamid karzai to sign a bilateral security agreement with the united states. the agreement has already been agreed upon. but karzai's been dragging his feet in signing the deal, trying to win some more concessions from the united states. this has angered both the white house and the pentagon. once the security agreement is
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signed by karzai, which many people expect it will happen, it's just taking longer than they expected, the pentagon is expected to announce roughly 10,000 or so american troops will stay in afghanistan post 2014 to train the afghan security forces. >> thank you so much for your report. >> keeping our focus overseas, the house foreign affairs committee is holding a hearing next week on the plight of the american pastor jailed in iran. he is being held by tehran over his christian faith. abadini has already served one year of his eight-year sentence. although president obama made a plea for the pastor's release in an historic phone call to iran's new president, the white house has come under scrutiny for not negotiating his release. that of two other americans during the latest nuclear talks with iran. president obama's job approval rating, that's coming
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up. >> we're going to do it fair and balanced. it's not just issues with obama care though that have his second term agenda in question. >> finally, friends mourning the logs of actor paul walker. as they grieve, some of his so-called fans are trying to cash in on his death. >> unbelievable. and remembering our fallen heroes. first in hawaii, then in washington, where veterans are gathering to commemorate pearl harbor. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with n fedex one rate, i could ll a box and ship it r one flat rate. so i kn untilt was full. you'd be crazy not to. is tt na? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex.
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welcome back, everyone. there are new developments in the death of "fast and furious" star actor paul walker and they're disturbing. police in los angeles are announcing charges against two people would are accused of actually stealing a part from the mangled wreckage where walker and his friend were fier. one man's in custody. meanwhile, the police are expressing new safety concerns about a massive fan gathering at the scene this weekend. >> this is going to potentially be very unpleasant for everybody coming as well as the people who live in the area. we are doing everything we can to prevent another tragedy. that would be somebody else
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getting hurt, especially going to pay respects. >> though well intentioned, you can understand the concern. the memorial event on sunday is expected to attract about 5,000 people. paul walker was so beloved. more americans disapproving of president obama's job performance. take a look at this. new poll numbers showing it's not just health care. more than half of americans also don't like the way he is handling foreign policy. immigration and the economy. the data now raising concerns over what can still be accomplished in his next few years as president. joining us now is our political panel angela mcgrewen, fox knew political analyst, and ronow molono. the president used to enjoy euphoric ratings. now his approval rating is abysmal on all kinds of issues.
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so ways happening overall? why is this happening? what kind of take do you look at this -- what prism do you look at this through, angela? >> the bottom line is this. are you better off today than you were four years ago? most americans that elected this president yet again, now they're having buyers remorse, because most americans are not better off. if you look at the unemployment rate at 7% but for the black community, last check, it was 13%. the hispanic community has not lowered that much and for women and young adults, if you have a college degree, kelly, most people don't have a job today, so people are looking at this situation and though the president is a great orator, a great politician, motivational speeches do not make a more prosperous america. >> when you look at the president, is it all his fault? does congress have something to do with this as well? >> i think you have to look at this in context. one is i think polling is a snapshot in type and right now
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the president is going through a rough patch. compared to republicans in congress and what their approval ratings are, the president is actually sky high. not having a congress that will work with him in order to get any of these things done in order to fix the economy and fix health care and get immigration done, i think that has been a strain on his presidency. so that's how i look at it. >> harry reid, your former boss, runs the senate. last i checked, he's a democrat. you can blame republicans all you want. our democracy works where the house, the senate and the administration works together. people are not buying the blame game anymore. people are not buying the divisive politics. >> angela and rodel, that's a good point, people are not buying that any longer. based on that, based on these polls, what challenges is the president facing in getting anything accomplished within the remaining years of his
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presidency? could we be looking at a lame duck presidency? >> i think we could be looking act a lake dumb presidency. i'm optimistic. we are america. if the president works with republicans and if harry reid works with republicans, we can get something done. we've done this before. with midterm elections coming up, kelly, i don't think we're going to get anything done in 2014. rodel is right, the congressional rating is very low. it's not just republicans, it's democrats too. this congress has only passed 60 bills. that's deplorable. >> rodel was having a conversation last night about this very situation where the president is tanking in his own approval ratings and you've got this quagmire of political partisanship. where do you see the answers lying? how do we readdress this and address this to overcome it? >> my concern is that even when the president had higher approval ratings, you didn't see republicans eager to jump into
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bed with him. i'm not sure what's going to go on between now and 2016. one of the problems is the way we redistricted a lot of these congressional seats. there's no incentive. many times, there's punishment for working for somebody from the opposing party. one of the things the president is dealing with now. even if he had a 75% approval rating, i'm not sure the house could pass immigration reform, for instance. >> let's get beyond the polls, let's get to the heart of the matter. what is at stake for the american people if the president and congress can't get their act together and perform responsibly? >> snatcinternationally, we're looked upon as the leader of the free world. so what elected officials need to do and americans, the american people should hold them accountable. they need to do their job. they're not done their job. both parties are playing partisan politics. when people go to the polls in november, we might see a last
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slide on both sides. >> rodel. >> i would agree to an extent with angela. i think we as a country are missing out on opportunities to become more pros pruperous to g the middle east and make sure people have money in their pockets so they can spend it. that's really what i think is really important here right now. that's why the president and congress need to come together. >> you know, you both make a very good point. the president is clearly struggling. he not only has a battle with obama care. but he is still facing a tough time in dealing with the economy. comb prprehensive immigration reform. some are even questioning his ability to lead. how does he turn all this around? >> how does at the hurricane th how does he turn this around? put proposals on the table. and harry reid needs to put some republican proposals on the senate floor for a vote. banner needs to do the same thing on the house side. we need to come together. as president said when he was senator obama this is not a red
10:23 am
state or blue state or purple so we need to come together. >> that's a good place to end it. i'd like to give you the last word but i'm out of time. >> i wholeheartedly agree with angela. >> i figured you would so thank you both. have a great day. let's take you to washington right now where president obama's addressing a forum on u.s. policy in the middle east. his remarks come amongst tense relation, between the u.s. and israel over that recent nuclear deal with iran. and a new push for a peace agreement between tel aviv and the palestinians. our molly heninburg joins us live from washington with the very latest. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called the deal with iran a, quote, historic mistake, suggesting its too early to be easing sanctions on iran. part of what president obama will try to do today in that speech as he did earlier this week at a hanukkah reception at the white house, is to reassure israel hat the u.s. won't be duped by iran.
10:24 am
>> together with our israeli friends, we're determined to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. and we're testing whether it's possible through diplomacy to achieve that goal. understanding that we have to remain vigilant. >> netanyahu, would will address the same forum on u.s. policy in the middle east, where president obama's speaking right now, netanyahu will address it tomorrow, he met this week with secretary state john kerry. manu pressed the u.s. to stand strong against iran's nuclear program as the final deal is put together in the next six months. >> we discussed the danger to the world posed by iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability. we believe that in a final deal, unlike the interim deal, it's crucial to bring about a final agreement about determination of
10:25 am
iran's military nuclear capability. >> meanwhile in iran today, iranian president hassan rouhani spoke at a tehran university and indicated that breaking the, quote, ominous and impressive sanctions is as important as enriching uranium. rouhani said, quote, centrifuges should spin but the lives of people and the economy also need to spin. iran has agreed in this six-month interim deal to allow greater access for united nations nuclear inspectors and to cap the level of uranium it can enrich. in exchange for the easing of some economic sanctions. jamie. >> molly it remains controversial. thank you, take care. kelly. >> one of the busiest airports practically at a standstill. hundreds of flights are being delayed or canceled. and we will tell you what to expect if you are traveling abroad. nelson mandela being remembed in south africa. we'll hear what his family has
10:26 am
to say about the legendary anti-apartheid leader. ♪
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. great news regarding an american military vet who's now been released from detainment in north korea and has arrived back home. 85-year-old merrill newman touching down in san francisco earlier today after being detained in north korea for nearly seven weeks. cold and icy conditions in texas sticking around for a little longer according to the national weather service. below freezing temperatures and freezing rain will continue throughout this weekend. and england's busiest airport is practically at a standstill this weekend after a main air traffic control center suffered a technical glitch. officials at heathrow in london say they hope they'll have that problem fixed by tonight.
10:31 am
from south africa to the rest of the world, people are still mourning the death of and celebrating the life of nelson mandela. mandela championed the cause of freedom for all people in his native land of south africa as well as the rest of the world. recently before his death i had the honor of meeting with some of mandela's closest family members. in today's beyond the dream, they reflect on their father's legacy of goodness and forgiveness. >> i think my father preached in the manner of speaking the gospel about peace and reconciliation. my father has always believed that you can overcome anything through peace and reconciliation. and i think that's a great leader. >> this is one of nelson mandela's daughters. she currently serves as south
10:32 am
africa's ambassador to argentina. i recently met with her and her two daughters to discuss her father's legacy and how they're so grateful to have enjoyed his leadership as a dad, a granddad and father to the nation of south africa. >> i wish i could have spent more time with him. unfortunately, one has to work. i lived in another country. i didn't get to engage with him as i could have and wanted to as a child. but i think my father has left a great imprint on me, my children, my grandkids. and i think on the world at large. >> just astounded by your father's life and his journey through life and his long walk to freedom. 27 years in prison and then
10:33 am
becoming a free man and actually turning the world upsid down and yet having the power to forgive those who stood against him. what have we learned from that? >> it was for the greater good the country. i think it's the one thing that people look to in south africa. my grandfather could walk out of prison 27 years later and still forgive and sit around a table with his oppressors and shake hands and move the country forward. that's what he fought for. that's why he spent those years in jail so we could have that peaceful transition and we could have peace and unity in the country. i think that's really what it was for. >> the mandela family tells me they will continue to honor their father's legacy through the else nelson mandela foundat. they will pour resources into helping to improve the education of every child growing up in their native land. mandela greatly valued education. he once said education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
10:34 am
>> education was just very, very important to my grandfather. education is one of his things that he's so passionate about. every single one our family was educated. because he said when you're educated nobody else can take it away from you. >> for their support, for their love, for their dedication towards my father and the family. to thank them for their prayers and comfort during this difficult time. >> our thanks to the mandela family for sharing their father with the world. in the words of else in mandela, for to be free is not nearly to cast off ones chains but to live in a way that enhances the freedom of others. his daughter says he achieved that through the practice of peace and reconciliation. >> thank you, kelly. there are some new concerns over
10:35 am
so-called energy drinks. accord to a brand-new study, those beverages can pose a serious risk to your heart. creating a rapid increase in your heart rate within an hour of drinking them and that creates unneeded stress to your heart. just a tease of what you'll get tomorrow on "sunday house call." a lot of people drink these energy drink. you say it's not the caffeine in them, it's this other ingredient i've never heard of, torene. what is torene? >> a form of amino acid. there's a big concern about these energy drinks. the number of emergency room admissions as a result of energy drinks has doubled. this is mostly between the age of 18 to 25. that's one of the reasons why some of the researchers and scientists out there, including the germans have looked at --
10:36 am
even though it's a small study, they looked at about 18 adults and saw there was an increase in heart rate by about 15%. what's the reason behind this? we know you have the caffeine, you have torene. it's a form of amino acid which is really not supposed to hurt you but the question is whether it's the combo of torene and caffeine that can increase the heart rate. if you drink this short term, it may not really affect you. but long-term effect of having your heart beat at a very high rate can affect the muscle in the heart and i'm not if favor of this. >> there's a third element to it. you have the torene, which we're learning about today, you have the caffeine and then you have why people are drinking it in the first place, and that's to exert a lot of energy and exercise. >> that's right. >> that sounds like it could be a deadly combination. >> so that's a very important
10:37 am
point. because i can push someone's heart if they're healthy to 120, 130, they can tolerate it. you add more exercise to it, now the heart has to compensate for all that work to pump the blood. that's when people can really collapse. they can have heart attacks. if your cardiac reserve, if your heart is not healthy enough, by pushing this, you're going to do a lot of zplaj why are they legal then? why are these drinks out on the market? >> i want people to know i can't definitively tell you that they can hurt you because it's a small study. we want people to be careful. if you have underlying cardiac disea disease, i would not recommend this. we need more studies. we need a long-term effect to really know what's going on. until then, be cautious. >> i've heard of this, mixing these drinks with alcohol. >> absolutely not a good thing. because then you're adding even
10:38 am
more impact and, god forbid, you're adding more drug, s to this, you're really affecting yourself. i think for most people, it's safe. but it's not for everybody. this particular one. we have to find out what is the effect of torene alone and caffeine. until then, be careful. >> i like that we're first on these topics in helping folks. thanks so much. the doctor will join me tomorrow with dr. seigel. you can watch them both on "sunday house call" at 10:30 a.m. eastern only on the fox news channel and you can also check out their pages and there's lots of information on as well. we want to take a quick look at a lot of thingses that are going on right now. unemployment dropping to a five-year low. what this means to the american economy and the millions still looking for a job. and december 7, 1941, the attack
10:39 am
on pearl harbor, a day that will live in infamy. it changed history. we're looking live right now at a gentlemen who we are told is say war veteran. he is talking about his father who was there on that day, december 7, 1941, when the bombing fell from the japanese air force going over there. and bombing pearl harbor with a surprise attack. some of the things he's actually talking about is about his father being there and his father surviving and telling him to persevere and endure all things. if you look at that gentleman, he's disabled, no legs and one arm. he's still talking proudly about the heart and spirit of the american people. yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life.
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ask me what it's like to get your best night's sleep every night. [announcer] why not talk to someone who's sleeping on the most highly recommended d in america? ask me about my tempur-pedic. ask me how fast i fall asleep. ask me about staying asleep.
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[announcer] tempur-pedic owners are more satisfied than owners of any traditional mattress brand. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. now sleep cooler with extra cooling comfort on our bestselling tempur-breeze beds. visit to learn more, and find a retailer near you. there was so much excitement this year's grammy nominations are out. some newer artists getting nods to including mcle more and ryan lewis. the rap duo picking up seven nominations including album of the year, song of the year and best new artist. but they couldn't top hip-hop star jay z who had nine nominations for his album magna carta holy grail. taylor swift performed too. fantastic. unemployment in this country
10:44 am
is now at a five-year low. a fourth straight month of solid hiring, lowering numbers, november's unemployment rate to 7%. that's really good and while u.s. employers adding 203,000 jobs last month. if you're one of the millions of americans still looking for a job, analysts say this could be prime hiring season for you. joining me now, the president of diversified financial consultants. i said it was good but that's because you and i were just talking about it. 7.0% is actually good but are enough people still looking for jobs? >> it really is good news because the trend for most of the year has been about 170,000 jobs a month. new jobs created. the last four months, that's kind of peaked to about 200,000 jobs. the trend is really going in the right direction. we're starting to get some momentum in the economy. the jobs, the employers are hiring more. >> and that's music to the ears to a lot of people who want to
10:45 am
look for jobs and they don't like sitting at home. so should they be out there looking for jobs? >> well, this is a catch-22 because a lot of people have used this month now, the holiday season to go, you know, i'm just going to take a break, it's been a long year. i'll take a break and i'll start after january 1st. we think that's a mistake. i think this is an opportunity because a lot of things that have happened -- this is a really good time to actually be out there looking for a job. >> you're pretty excited about this time then. >> it's always about opportunity. you've had a lot of companies. they're looking at their profit margins and it's been a pretty good year for corporate america. they're doing their budgets for 2014. they're in a position to add 1, five, ten employees, you want to be the first in line for that potential job. >> so go out there and get it. >> and don't be discouraged to look for a job. >> a lot of people have been
10:46 am
discouraged. so use this as your opportunity. holiday parties. you're going to be sitting there meeting friends, family, co-workers from the past. this is a great opportunity to network. make connections. put the word out that you're looking for that opportunity. this is the time of year to make those kinds of connections. >> one of the things we should talk about real quickly is the fact there are a lot of jobs out there, but employers can't find the people who are qualified to take on those jobs. so what should we be doing? workforce development? >> that's one of the things i think we don't do well in this country. i believe europe does a better job. so we always hear about the computer engineers. that's not really my kind of thing, right? but welders. we don't have enough welders in this country. we don't have enough electricians. enough plumbers. the real kind of hands-on work, we don't have enough people trained to do those kinds of jobs. so we need to do a better job of retraining people that maybe lost some different kind of job
10:47 am
to doing the work that we actually need done in this country. >> what you're talking about then is trade schools. teaching people how to be a welder. in some cases, a welder can make better than a doctor. >> a doctor, he's trying to collect -- paying it back from some insurance company, he has to deal with insurance premiums and malpractice. he can make, or she, make more money being a welder than a doctor. we need to refocus our energy as a country to put people to work where we need them. a lot of employers took a lot of time off from hiring because of the economy, because of obama care. they didn't want to hire because they didn't know how this new health care law was going to work. today, some of that ambiguity is going away. i think this is a prime time for hiring over the next quarter, three months. >> i thank you for the positive tidbits on what we can do to improve our own economy. talking about today's economy. 7.0% unemployment.
10:48 am
thanks. there are ceremonies under way right now marking the 72nd anniversary of pearl harbor. a look back at the day that changed the course of our history. that's coming up for you next as we look at live pictures of washington, d.c.
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this is a live look at ceremonies under way at the world war ii memorial in washington. also in hawaii, commemorating the 72nd anniversary of pearl we just listened to the playing of "taps" in washington. that surprise attack in 1941 by the japanese navy on the u.s. fleet killed more than 2,400 heroes and launched the u.s. into world war ii. joining me now, fox news military analyst and retired navy captain chuck nash. captain nash, thank you for being with us. it is such emotional day it especially watching those veterans remember. you can see the look on their faces. what do you think about today? >> this is literally what president roosevelt said, a day
10:53 am
that will live in infamy. it plunged the united states into war. japan made a terrible miscalculation, thinking that the american people would curl up into a ball and take forever to rebuild. instead, you had young men marching down to their local recruiting station, post office, city hall, and flooded into the services. there were 16 million people in the united states who were wearing the uniform during world war ii. there are only about 1.2 million of those veterans left. and we're losing them at 600 a day. so when you see these stooped shoulders and they still have the sparkle in their eye and they're wearing their remembrance pins and everything. this is probably the most fundamental day of their lives. because they all know where they were. my mother, who was a young girl
10:54 am
then, put her flags out today. for that generation, pearl harbor and world war ii was a searing event. and they'll never forget and we must never forget because if we do, we will lose such a critical part of our history and a lesson that we must never forget. >> that's why, though, not scripted, i call each and every one of them heroes. including those who were able to show up today, because they survived this disastrous day. as we look at conflict today, more time goes by, there will be a generation of people who won't feel it the way we do. and how important is it that we talk to our kids be an our grandkids about this and the sacrifice and what it means to serve in our military? >> i think it's as critical to a society and a culture to remember its history as much important as i would put on
10:55 am
learning mathematics. if we don't remember our history, we will be cast off and adrift from the roots from whence we came. therefore, it is critical to maintain our society and our way of life that we never forget these important moments. >> you know what else, captain nash, i feel that any time i meet a veteran, whether it's from afghanistan or iraq or if you're lucky enough to meet one of these world war ii vets, a simple thank you can really go a long way. especially for so many who fought for our nation that didn't get that gratitude. doesn't it really mean that much to let them know we appreciate their service? >> jamie, we've always been blessed in this country by having some of the best of us always stand up and move forward to defend our nation. we have truly been blessed. >> you're one of them, captain nash. i thank you personally for your service and for all those to whom you were a leader, thank
10:56 am
you for being with us on this very important day. >> i am honored to have served, thank you. >> take care, sir. that is going to do it for us, for me and for kelly wright who also served proudly in our army. thank you all for joining us. the journal editorial report is next. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land,
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but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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that week on the journal editorial report. rising enrollment numbers. is obama care on the road to recovery? we'll sort the truth from the spin. plus, new global education rankings once again show american students lagging. so just how worried should we be? and china flexes its military muscle as vice president joe biden visits the region. will the u.s. stand firm with japan as tensions rise? obviously, the website when it was first launched wasn't in tip top shape to say the least. but
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